PZL 101 Gawron


The White and Red Wings Foundation is bravely and meticulously pursuing its plan to restore Polish aircraft designs to flight – for some time now we have been able to admire the PZL-101 Gawron in its characteristic red paint scheme in the sky.

During the restoration, both the aircraft and the engine were disassembled earlier, which helped so that a thorough inspection of both the main frame and the skin and major nodes could be carried out. The entire rebuilding process took about 1.5 years.

After the work was completed, the machine was transported to the main base of the FBCS, i.e. the airport in Mielec – it was here that it was finished and made its first flight under the supervision of the ULC, gaining a full set of flight documents.

The PZL-101 Gawron is an aircraft under licence from Yakovlev, but manufactured and modified in Poland – the main changes included a shift in the centre of gravity and a lower weight of equipment, which increased the aircraft’s payload. Being a machine produced in Poland, the Gawron fits very well into the FBCS status activities – it is a machine produced in our country after the Second World War, and additionally it has made its mark in the history of many aeroclubs.