Our team exists thanks to a great passion of many people, who left part of their life in aviation and would like to continue promoting polish aviation engineering for a wide range of audience. Experience and engagement which is brought by them allow us to reach our goals even better as well as prospect for a great future projects undertaken by White-Red Wings Team.

Meet us better!

Piotr Maciejewski

Co-Founder and CEO of Foundation, 3AT3 Formation Pilot and TS-11 Pilot

Jakub Kubicki

Foundation Co-Founder, 3AT3 Formation Pilot, TS-11 & An-2 Pilot

Tadeusz Zaworski

Chief pilot of TS-11 Iskta

Henryk Szkudlarz

Test pilot, flight instructor for TS-11

Piotr Krasiński

3AT3 Formation Pilot and Founder

Jakub Śliwiński

3AT3 Formation Pilot

Mirosław Obrębski

Test pilot, flight instrctor on TS-11 Iskra aircraft

Adam Wojdat


Marek Kurzy


Bartosz Kawa

Junior technician

Filip Modrzejewski