• Aviation events organisation
  • Lectures for future aviation lovers
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Ex-military aircraft Type Rating
  • Defense of Poland promotion

About us

White-Red Wings Foundation was founded at the beginning of 2014. The founders – Piotr Maciejewski and Jakub Kubicki – are great aviation enthusiast, aircraft and gliders pilots connected to polish aviation since many years. The Foundation is focusing mostly on aircraft as they are the source of biggest achievments of Polish engineering – they are a great passion and they are… just beautiful.

  • Air sports and air tourism promotion

  • Development of aviation infrastructure promotion

  • Implementation of legal solutions and regulations creating conditions for the development of air sports

  • Transfer of aviation knowledge

  • Polish technical flow preservation and promotion

Statutory goals

  • Promotion of the country's defense

  • Presentation of flying exhibits foundations at air shows in the country and abroad

  • Creation of a museum dedicated to the presentation of the achievements of Polish aviation technology

  • Establishment of the first service organization in Poland, dedicated to historic aircraft

  • Training center for civil pilots offering the possibility of training for ex-military machines

Additional goals

  • Aviation events organisation

  • Sightseeing flights

  • Themed magazines publications, radio interviews and tv shows

  • Meeting and lecture for your aviation lovers

  • YouTube.com channel

  • Facebook fanpage

  • Participation in airshows in Poland and Europe


Our projects

As a Foundation we have made many projects to give second live to polish military aviation aircraft of which we are really proud. All our projects are related to both scientific and entertainment value. Thanks to this we can expand and promote polish technical flow as well as provide attractions to all families.

Please take a look for a few of our projects below!